Personal Lines Study

We received a call from Mrs. A advising that her car was parked outside of her house when she heard a loud noise, she noted that a teenager was damaging her vehicle by smashing same with rocks. Mrs. A then phoned the police to open a case of malicious damage against the teenager and to have him arrested.

As the police arrived, Mrs. gave a statement as to what happened when the parents of the teenager noted that their son was involved. Mrs. A then informed the parents of what their son has done and that she opened a case against him. The parents confirmed that they got into an argument with their son earlier due to his drug addiction and that they took his car keys away.

Out of rage the boy left his parents’ house and must have mistaken Mrs. A’s vehicle with his mom’s. The parent agreed to pay for the Mrs. A damages if she would drop the case against their son as he needs help with his addiction. Mrs. A agreed to claim against her own policy if they can commit to a full recovery including her excess. Mrs. A damages was later settled by her insurer and the final tax invoice was sent to the parents during the recovery process against them. Mrs. A dropped the case after a successful recovery.