Credit Insurance, a service from PrestGroup.

Trade credit insurance protects your business against both commercial and political risks that are beyond your control. It improves the quality of your bottom line and helps you to grow profitably, minimizing the risk of sudden or unexpected customer insolvency. Credit insurance gives you the confidence to extend credit to new customers and also improves access to funding, often at more competitive rates. Trade credit insurance is applicable to short-term account receivables i.e. those due within 12 months.

Why does your company need credit insurance?

  1. Expert assessment of payment risks (debtors); local and international
  2. Protection against non-payment and preservation of cash flow
  3. Provision of consistent underwriting decisions
  4. The ability to explore and develop new markets in different industries and/or countries
  5. Access to expert advice on collection techniques
  6. Lower legal costs through a network of legal practitioners and collection services
  7. Assistance with Business Rescue procedures as well as liquidations
  8. Enhancing your access to finance by providing additional security for financial institutions

  9. Bonds and Guarantees
    Types of bonds and guarantees:

    1. Custom Bonds
    2. Bid or Tender Bonds
    3. Performance Bonds
    4. Retention Bonds
    5. Advance Payment Bonds
    6. Material off site guarantees

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